Our Team


Jui-Sheng Chen 特聘教授

Education Background學歷背景

  • 國立台灣大學農業工程學研究所 博士
  • 國立台灣大學農業工程學研究所 碩士
  • 國立台灣大學農業工程學系 學士



  • 地下水污染傳輸與整治
  • 核廢料處置
  • 地下水污染與健康風險評估 

Phone : +886-3-4227151*65867

E-mail : jschen@geo.ncu.edu.tw

Hydroscience Chair Professor

葉高次 Gour-Tsyh (George) Yeh 講座教授

Education Background學歷背景

  • 美國康乃爾大學 Hydology/ Civil Engineering 博士
  • 美國雪城大學 Hydraulics/ Civil Engineering 碩士
  • 國立台灣大學土木工程學系 學士



  • 地表地下水文學
  • 環境流體力學
  • 計算水文地質與生物地球化學 
  • 高效能數值計算

Phone : +886-3-4227151*65891

E-mail : gyeh@ncu.edu.tw

Model Development Team

We create powerful model for simulate real world problems.

These models include:

  • Subsurface media (THMC) models
  • Surface water (Esturary-Bay-Ocean) models
  • Watershed models
  • Multi Species Transport analytical model

Model Application Team

We’re focus on model application to solve the real world problems
These problems include:

  • Groundwater contamination and remediation
  • Safety evaluation on radioactive waste
  • Geothermal development potential assessment
  • Carbon dioxide storage assessment

Platform Development Team

We’re focused on  IT technology about simulation.
These technology include:

  • Model GUI technology
  • 2D/3D Mesh generation
  • Scalar data visualization
  • 3D geological modeling and visualization technology
  • Drawing and GIS geographic information system technology
  • Website building technology.

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